My Sexy, Possessive, Mate.

My Sexy, Possessive, Mate.

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MissAngelRose By MissAngelRose Updated Jan 20, 2015

It's a typical Friday night for me, Scarlett. Working night shifts at a local bar, usually has more downs than ups. The slight aroma of vomit is a sure winner on the most-revolting list. 
I have about 10 minutes till my shift is over when the most gorgeous looking guy has me in his rough grip. Alex Evans. A man I have never seen before with the hottest body and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. This man is to die for, unless it's the alcohol playing tricks on my mind and its some 40 year old creep, looking for an easy target, no sir. I need to get away from this man, or at least get out of his death grip on me. But my mind is still wondering around in a daze. Will I see this man if I leave now? Could good things come out of our intense encounter?  

Warning: throughout this book there will be sexual content. It is advised if you don't agree with it, to skip the chapters and read on. Thanks in advance,

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