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フクースナー! By dantalion_ Updated Nov 02

different      :     ハンター×ハンター

Sybil Isel Solace, age of thirteen years old and occupation as a full-time megalomaniac - a thirteen year old girl who seemingly has a knack of spilling blood with no more but a solemn response of assurance and acceptance of her own sin. Hell bent on finding her lost brother and father, both relatives she hasn't seen for almost her life already, holds the key to her impenetrable crystallized memories and the eraser to the haunting mark of pulled back strings called her past. As much as she's refined and portrayed to be a little devil, can she pick up the pace of her rotting and fading life?

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Hunter X Hunter Watty Awards 2016 → Other/Mixed Media; 1st Place

hisoka is like the life of insane cupcakes with the sprinkles that twinkles.
I already like you, you seem very funny!!
                              Also, I choose you, Hisoka!!
Aracnifobia Aracnifobia Feb 20
Chrollo or however you spell the leader of the Spiders name.
directlove213 directlove213 Nov 04, 2015
English is one of the hardest languages to learn but Latin is WAY harder
dantalion_ dantalion_ Aug 08, 2015
being young I spoke fluent English but moving to Philippines influenced my language and im not that good in english anymore TuT so technically Filipino is my mother tongue ? XD
MyDeathLolipop MyDeathLolipop Aug 07, 2015
What is your mother tongue? (don't answer if you don't want to >.<)