TWIN MATES (Editing)

TWIN MATES (Editing)

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The story of Brittany being kidnapped by her twin mates that she never knew she had. Andy and James are vampires that are both 2058 years old, that found their mate and won't let her get away.

" Go knock her out." A voice said. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I started to shake with fear. I started to cry. The footsteps came to a stand still. I could see the figure standing next to me. The figures kneed down next to me. I started to scream only for it to be blocked by a bandanna I didn't know was in my mouth. 

"It won't hurt one bit. Now look at me." The still unknown voice said. I looked and regretted it. His eyes were a reddish-greenish color. I tried to look away but couldn't. It was like it was a spell. He mumbled words that I couldn't catch. Next thing I know is that I was knocked out.

Will she love them after taking her away from her family?

Read to find out.

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Morghan_0140 Morghan_0140 Sep 17, 2017
                              *Music stairs playing* CAUSE U N IIIIIIIIIIII!!!! (Get it bc of that one song idk who it's by but it goes like "CAUSE YOU AND IIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" Idk I'm just dumb)
cutiepiejam101 cutiepiejam101 Dec 11, 2017
No girl I hate touching the access food on the dishes gross😣
Crazylplpl Crazylplpl Jul 16, 2017
I don't use gloves, I just keep my hands under a steady stream of water at all times
Bobbyjo1406 Bobbyjo1406 Nov 10, 2017
No I wear them to I just do t like touching the food and my hands get all pruny
ohnoiforgot ohnoiforgot Nov 25, 2017
Even if I didn't read these kind of books and knew nothing of the supernatural I would still know what a mate is like??? A soulmate, a mate??
ALibBooks ALibBooks Aug 26, 2017
No I wear them because i can't stand the feeling of crusty food smell on my hands and just touching watered down and just nasty food.