The Gang Leaders Baby //Matt Espinosa Fanfic//

The Gang Leaders Baby //Matt Espinosa Fanfic//

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l1999l By l1999l Updated Nov 12, 2017

"you honestly thought that you could get away with carrying my child?" 

    he took slow strides towards my shaking figure while toying with his bottom lip. 

    "how long were you planning on not telling me?" he asks as he brings his rough hands to the delicate skin of my left cheek. 

    "never." he growled and shoved my body closer to his, my lady down south pressing against his groin feverishly. 

    "Matt, please." he smirks at me widely. 

    "please what, baby?" my area starts getting heated up but I know that nows not the time so I push him off of me as a warning. 

   He looks at me angrily and I soon regret doing it. 

   "I'll be seeing you soon, Cecilia ."


A story in which a 20 year old woman attends a gang Leaders (matt) party and has an amazing one night stand with him.. 

And ends up pregnant.

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Hiplikecharley Hiplikecharley Oct 25, 2017
he seems like such a nice dude then in the description,
                              he’s a complete asswhipe. pls update x
Diamondrose19 Diamondrose19 Jan 03, 2017
I wish when it came to teen pregnancy the father was always that willing to help.
The_Creator27 The_Creator27 Nov 14, 2016
Great, keep writing, you can make something out of it someday
queenmollyy queenmollyy Jan 01, 2017
Ok, but how does she have a gangleaders number just randomly in her phone
l1999l l1999l Jul 13, 2015
im updating in a few minutes. i feel bad cause ive had something written but i forgot about it
QueenLibra- QueenLibra- Apr 21, 2015
That was good not too much detail that was good because I'm 13