Loving you (Jelsa) *COMPLETED*

Loving you (Jelsa) *COMPLETED*

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Jack frost x Elsa By snowblue09 Completed

Two people do not know anything about love became best friend. Jack frost a popular guy and elsa a popular girl. What if one of them fall inlove? 
"My heart is beating like crazy" 
"What did you do to me?" 
"what do you have that they do not?" 
with these questions in mind. What would you do? 

"I love you"

Read and enjoy ❤️
A/N i love Jelsa!!                                                                                                                                                                                            The book 2  title is - Always you |Loving you sequel|

Tooth and jack,✔
                              If there is jackunzel, i swear i will kill punzie!!!!!!
                              SORRY PUNZ,
Omg this sounds like a friendship with benefits book but Ik it's not lol😂
Okay is it just me or tht sounds like a quote and I find it SUPER CUTE!!!!
Um when someone say "i can't love at all" and your.the same way *looks everywhere for a sign* i know it's here somewhere
"Friendship with benefits?" Elsa whispered
                              "YAAAS!" Jack replies 
                              -sorry lol I'm cray cray
He called her cute! Not even my guy friends call me cute when I really do look cute! Especially when one of them made me try on my Halloween costume the weekend before.