Kidnapped by a Serial Killer

Kidnapped by a Serial Killer

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A lot of things can happen in one day. In one day you can watch your parents die right before your eyes. In one day you can lose all the people you ever loved. In one day you can have your freedom snatched away from you. In one day you can learn how bad the world really is outside of your comfort zone. In one day.

But........ Zane knows more about this matter than i do.

Yaoi. Don't like? Don't read. If you do, don't judge because you can't say i didn't warn you. Yaoi lovers! Enjoy!


BlokTekZero BlokTekZero Feb 05
(Omg, makes me think of this):
                              GORDON'S BEEN DRIVEN MAADD. I've proven my point! I've shown that all it takes is just one bad day to drive even the sanest man to lunacy~!
Yeah actually most of the times it does, but it's better to think that other kids have it worse so don't you dare cry
laurenaBoo4 laurenaBoo4 Jan 05
Its 2:30 am on a school night and my insomnia is keeping me up anyways so hell to the yeah. This book is awesome
Funshi_ Funshi_ Aug 31, 2016
*reads the whole thing*
                              Author~senpai, big mistake
                              *sees the depressing comments flood in*
laurenaBoo4 laurenaBoo4 Jan 05
Lmfaoo thats one of the many reasons why I'm an atheist tbh
                              If god was real all this this in my life wouldn't be happening
LydiaSunny LydiaSunny Jul 12, 2016
Em, no  with only exception my annoying sis and a cat that completely hates me, showing it every day by peeing every ornament in the house!!!😤😤😤