Kidnapped by a Serial Killer

Kidnapped by a Serial Killer

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Melanie Eberheart By XxNekocoxX Completed

A lot of things can happen in one day. In one day you can watch your parents die right before your eyes. In one day you can lose all the people you ever loved. In one day you can have your freedom snatched away from you. In one day you can learn how bad the world really is outside of your comfort zone. In one day.

But........ Zane knows more about this matter than i do.

Yaoi. Don't like? Don't read. If you do, don't judge because you can't say i didn't warn you. Yaoi lovers! Enjoy!


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Wait is this book boyxboy cuz I only read boyxboy or girlxgirl
potato_kitten_thing potato_kitten_thing Jul 19, 2017
I have depression, anxiety, insomnia, family issues, ect. But many people have it worse that me.
Lol I am suicidal and anxiety with some family issue goin in here ugh life sucks
LuhanProperty LuhanProperty May 09, 2017
i thought i was insane for loving yaoi, especially if you're a girl. I felt weird. Thank you to all yaoi authors, you make me feel sane :D
iShipYuu iShipYuu Jul 20, 2017
Once I was in a church because I had to stay with a friend and for no apparent reason I stood up while everyone was praying and the whole church laughed at me. :/
Yes absolutely but everyone has something bad going on and no one has it worse than any other because people shouldn't have to suffer at all