Back To You | Ricky Garcia

Back To You | Ricky Garcia

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Charlene By loveknots- Updated Jul 31, 2016

"You'll be my Princess."

"You'll be my Prince Charming."

"We'll live happily ever after."

"And if things go wrong?"

"Then I'll come running back to you."

There once was a little boy and a little girl. They were inseparable. Nothing in the world could ever mean more to them than each other. 12 years later, the only way the two could be seen together is if they're ripping at each other's throats.

Meet Charlene Jones. She's the kind of girl who would be seen prancing around in the street, singing her favorite song without a care in the world. She's awfully clumsy, but would laugh at herself whenever she falls. She's optimistic and tries to find the best in people, unless their name was Ricky Garcia. 

Meet Ricky Garcia. He's Everstone Highschool's most popular boy. He has girls swooning with one glace and has all the guys holding their girlfriends a little bit tighter than usual when he passes by. He uses his signature smile to win the hearts of the entire population, except for one girl, the girl who held his heart for almost his entire life. 

It's often said that two people fall apart so they can fall back together, and when it comes to Charlene and Ricky, that might just be the case.

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sierrakosowski sierrakosowski Jul 26, 2016
When I complain to my dad he always says "oh boo hop cry me a river then build a bridge and get over it."😂
Lilygarcia04 Lilygarcia04 Jan 11, 2017
I'm in 7th grade and she got a boyfriend that's betrer than me
Dragon3693 Dragon3693 Dec 13, 2016
I should be called, "The girl who' so awesome she has babies wishing they were her" girl...  JK LOL XD😋😋😋😆
Dragon3693 Dragon3693 Dec 13, 2016
Yeah keep telling yourself you're over him then come to me never to prove it...  Keep telling yourself that ;)
himynameisbiancaj himynameisbiancaj Jan 09, 2017
Love it when you try to turn your back to me, when i know that any minute you'll be back to mee XD
dracomfmalfoy dracomfmalfoy Feb 16, 2017
Anyone else cringe while reading that. I can't stand the sound