fangs, tails, paws and calum | muke | cashton

fangs, tails, paws and calum | muke | cashton

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SAM By symkaria Completed


There was a vampire that once stumbled across a hybrid, thinking he was a human. In a near death experience, this hybrid fell into the arm's of a werewolf, whilst this was happening, the vampire took the werewolf's human mate. And it all went to shit from there..


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esme380 esme380 Aug 25, 2016
Got excited cause my name is emerald and they used it to describe michael's eyes
esme380 esme380 Aug 25, 2016
What does that word even mean? I'm not a native speaker and don't want to luke it up
ghostslut ghostslut Apr 07, 2016
this is my triangle, i'm naming them sam. sam happens to be both girl and boy. do not judge sam for they may cry. sam is very sensitive...
RaquelClifford1 RaquelClifford1 Oct 04, 2015
Well michael if you want free boold woman give some out every month