Psychotic Love

Psychotic Love

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She was sweet, innocent and a typical teenager. 

He was evil, dangerous and a sadist.

Psychotic Love.
An unhealthy obsession for someone, they're constantly on their mind and they would do anything psychotic and crazy just to keep this person in their life.

Iamszzzz Iamszzzz Mar 04
Lmao cause you are crazy. Does male lead in kdrama exist? Or manga character? If they exist i want one.😂
Doberman7 Doberman7 Feb 05
Oh...... um well um...... I uh....'I think I gotta go...... yeah imma go now.... sorry
UEM31030 UEM31030 May 13
Suddenly i was reminded of a video where a paparazzi ask kylie “what that mouth do “ HAHA SO WEIRD
Why don’t you shove it inside me instead? 😏😏😏😏
i_am_fabulus_ i_am_fabulus_ Sep 18, 2017
Nah he ain't going to kill you, he's just holding an axe for fun