Silence (5sos ot4)

Silence (5sos ot4)

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Mykaila:) By 5secondsof_kpop Updated Jun 09, 2016

He was silent. He didn't like talking.

Being abused could do that to a person. And having a lisp and a stutter didn't help.
He hadn't said a word in so long, but no one cared. Everything was better in a world where he didn't talk.

He probably could've lived like this until the day he finally decided to kill himself. Until he meets three people who decide to change that...

mcfrickingmichael mcfrickingmichael Nov 23, 2016
ok honestly the more i read this book the more i love it (im on my thousandth time i soUND LIKE SUCH A STALKER HAHAH)
SmokingCalumsDick SmokingCalumsDick Dec 07, 2016
Dont hear em they all going to get killed by other people...😏😏😏
cup_rm_chucks_in_run cup_rm_chucks_in_run Oct 10, 2016
Therez this kid in my class called caylum and he looks like a mini calum so whenever I talk to him I just call him calum and it annoys the hell out of him
1D_lova_foreva 1D_lova_foreva Aug 20, 2016
Ok good. I would have dropped my phone and left if I saw the "because your beautiful" and the " I like watching beautiful things" or whatever he says
got a long list of people i've killed with a disco ball,
                              they can't tell you anything.
                              but i've got a blank space lucas,
                              aND ILL WRITE YOUR NAME.
cup_rm_chucks_in_run cup_rm_chucks_in_run Oct 10, 2016
I don't like iphones...
                              IM SORRY COME KILL ME
                              (hehe cum..)