Silence (5sos ot4)

Silence (5sos ot4)

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Mykaila:) By 5secondsof_kpop Updated Jun 09, 2016

He was silent. He didn't like talking.

Being abused could do that to a person. And having a lisp and a stutter didn't help.
He hadn't said a word in so long, but no one cared. Everything was better in a world where he didn't talk.

He probably could've lived like this until the day he finally decided to kill himself. Until he meets three people who decide to change that...

-Lyrical- -Lyrical- Nov 23, 2016
ok honestly the more i read this book the more i love it (im on my thousandth time i soUND LIKE SUCH A STALKER HAHAH)
SmokingCalumsDick SmokingCalumsDick Dec 07, 2016
Dont hear em they all going to get killed by other people...😏😏😏
5_seconds_of_bacon 5_seconds_of_bacon Aug 21, 2016
My mom called him cay-lum once and we didn't talk for the rest of the week...
cup_RM_kicks_in_RUN cup_RM_kicks_in_RUN Oct 10, 2016
Therez this kid in my class called caylum and he looks like a mini calum so whenever I talk to him I just call him calum and it annoys the hell out of him
1D_lova_foreva 1D_lova_foreva Aug 20, 2016
Ok good. I would have dropped my phone and left if I saw the "because your beautiful" and the " I like watching beautiful things" or whatever he says
cup_RM_kicks_in_RUN cup_RM_kicks_in_RUN Oct 10, 2016
I don't like iphones...
                              IM SORRY COME KILL ME
                              (hehe cum..)