Lost Luna [Completed]

Lost Luna [Completed]

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Anya Silver By AnyaSilver Completed

In a time when only one out of five packs have a Luna, war is raging over the survival of the packs.  A lone pack called White Moon and their alpha Eric travel out  to the wilds of Canada to escape the blood shed only to find a young girl raised by wolves. A Luna none the less.

In this story Luna's are a special breed of wolf that are capable of carrying an alphas pups to term. 

I do not have mates in the normal sense of the word. Any wolf can mate to any other it comes down to who that person and wolf love.

  • alpha
  • betrayal
  • death
  • luna
  • pack
  • revenge
  • romance
  • war
  • werewolf
  • wild
  • wolves