Sasunaru (Boyxboy)

Sasunaru (Boyxboy)

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YaoiGirl_4 By YaoiGirl_4 Completed

Naruto wakes up finding himself hung over and naked in bed with the one and only Sasuke Uchiha. 

A few weeks after, Naruto finds out the most unexpected news.

Warning:  Strong Language and (kind of) Mature Content! 

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sesshokuseiun sesshokuseiun 5 days ago
My mother just looked at me like I was crazy when I made a weird dying skeleton noise
People praise the virgin mary for getting pregnant without sex i praise sasuke for geting an other man pregnant that takes some skill
TamashiSama TamashiSama Jul 14
                              Wait WHY IS SASUKE DOMINANT
I work at a tourist trap and i saw a dude with a shirt that had Shakespeare on it and underneath it said 'whose thine daddy' and it makes me laugh and think about it whenever i hear the phrase now
HE CAN'T BE PREGNANT HE IS A BOY RIGHT!or where my eyes lying to me all this time?
_APH_Feli_ _APH_Feli_ a day ago
I'm sorry but it sounds as if he's called a pet virginity.. I can imagine him and Kiba looking for a cub called Virginty.. "Virginty?! Where are you?!" 😂😂