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The Truth About Kian

The Truth About Kian

98.8K Reads 8.2K Votes 27 Part Story
Just call me Wren By peraltatives Completed

"If the boy who had everything didn't want to go on, what hope was there for the rest of us?"

When the beautiful and brilliant Kian Daniels commits suicide, no one in the small town of Scire can understand why. Everyone believed that Kian had it all: the popularity, the looks and the ability to achieve anything.

Somehow, Reed Elliot-an aspiring journalist who idolized and envied Kian-gets saddled with the job that no one wants: writing a feature article about the boy who no longer wanted to live.

With the help of Kian's old journal and his best friend, Reed soon discovers that the boy everyone thought they knew didn't exist.

soliques soliques Jul 08, 2016
This sounds really interesting and in many ways this is a great way to tackle the stigma around suicide ideation. Great work.
Runaway_artist Runaway_artist Mar 14, 2016
This is SO good! How our your books not published or seen by way more people? Too bad I have to go do homework, but hopefully I can get back to this asap. It's going to be so tempting not to.
talkative-trash talkative-trash May 26, 2016
I live for the songs featured on here! Can't wait to read this!
HadesUnderpants HadesUnderpants Jul 20, 2016
Stand up for yourself, you may get burned, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for what's right.
ILiterallyCantDecide ILiterallyCantDecide Feb 25, 2016
I've been on the receiving end of bad news at school so I can understand the emotion.
naya4444 naya4444 Mar 14, 2016
This book sounds amazing so far can't wait to find out what happens next