Let's Play A Game (Boyxboy)

Let's Play A Game (Boyxboy)

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Am By amlovesu Updated Jul 02

Jonah is your typical high school outcast. He's quiet, shy and only has one friend.

Luca is your typical everyday jock. Handsome, not so smart, popular and gets all the girls.

There is this game that all the populars play at parties called 'Heart Breaker' you pick a name from anyone in the school from a bowl and have to make that person fall and love with you before breaking there heart. 

What happens when Luca gets Jonah's name, will he actually fall in love with the small boy? And will Jonah ever find out about Luca's little game before going through another heart break.

Amazing cover by my sister @tay9tay

i already like him even we all know he'll going too hard with Jonah
space-elves space-elves Aug 08
i love when guys respect women 😍😍👏🏻😋😫😝😩💯💯👅💦
DodgeES1937 DodgeES1937 Jan 17
Well, seems like the "POPULAR" guys have nothing better to do than ruin the lives of others. How sad a commentary on high school life.
adrasmarlon adrasmarlon Aug 11, 2015
i really cant wait to read the story.... i know i am pushing too mcuh, for which i am very very sorry, but can u please update soon
fartingpickles fartingpickles Jul 31, 2015
it's okay, I've had to delete stories all the time bc my writer's block was so bad
KaySetonks KaySetonks Jun 06, 2015
sounds intriguing.....hope to keep in touch over a slave and his master.....(helps with link)