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The Nerd Is A Badass

The Nerd Is A Badass

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Nobody cares ❤ By Dey_call_me Updated Jul 11

"Ashton..." Her voice brings me out of whatever daze she had over me, the sheer power of broken and inevitable sadness came out of her soft voice. I can't believe I made her cry and tell me, tell me what was going on, what she was feeling, I couldn't help but feel this deep feeling blossom in my chest. This feeling was so foreign to me. Something a girl never made me feel. And it was swallowing me up, just like an anaconda were to do in order to eat it's prey.  She made me feel. Feel such things I couldn't understand, "I'm sorry... I didn't want to scare you away... I don't want to scare you away... Ashton, you're making me something else, you're making me feel... Please don't let this feeling go away... I beg you..." 

Her voice...her sweet, tender voice made a shiver run slowly down my spine, almost pleasurably. It made me feel something so intense. It made me snap. It made me go back to the present. 

I looked at her eyes, that were full of anguish and truly showed her my intention, my feelings. Something I had never felt. 

"Love, I won't go. I won't let that feeling go away... I'll make it stay, I'll make it persistent, I'll make it so it doesn't let you forget, because I will always stay here and no matter what you do you can't get rid of me. I'll say here and for good..." I leaned forward looking into her eyes and made sure she saw the intensity she had created. I grazed my lips over hers, pushed myself forward, and sealed my promise.

luvvato luvvato Jul 12, 2016
I started the book and got greeded by a demi song xD Can I get any more lucky? :D
_TatyanaDouglas_ _TatyanaDouglas_ Jan 07, 2015
I really love the book. Keep updating. :) Also thanks for dedicating the chapter to me!
MayoftheLing MayoftheLing Jan 04, 2015
Update plz this is really good I believe that this story can be one of the best so please continue