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Victoria By That_Teen_Writer Updated Jul 13

As soon as I stepped out I was grabbed and held to the wall. I saw it was Caleb and I only got the words out "What are-" before his lips met mine. It wasn't like before as it was a more rough and demanding kiss as if he wanted me to know I'm only his.

His lips met mine over and over again until finally I broke away, breathing heavily. He on the other hand wanted answers as he asked "Why is your dress so short?"

I couldn't even think straight right now after that intense kiss so all I muttered back dumbly and breathlessly was "W-what?!"

He seemed to not like my answer as he growled and grabbed my leg all of a suddenly, lifted it up, and bent down. "Why. Is. Your. Dress. So. Short?!"

At how close he was between my legs I blushed widely and came back to my senses.

Firstly vampires don't have packs they have clans and they usually don't name them, but if they do it's usually their last name. Just saying
Well Mr high and mighty, I think someone needs a ego check, does he really have his head so high in the clouds, he thinks people need to deserve to have an alliance?
Laxlover421 Laxlover421 May 27
Calling it right now, she's a schizophrenic, or she can hear the dead.
Wait what up with her mind, she sees shadows and has voices in her head, is she crazy?
sprklyvenus sprklyvenus Nov 04
Um.. Didn't her make up got smudged, when she washed her face?😂
teenage_sweets teenage_sweets Dec 31, 2014
hahaha well it looks like she is in one tough rut....hahaha I wonder what he dad is going to do love your books can't wait for the next update and with this I shall take my leave