One beautiful girl+ 2 hot brother's= TROUBLE

One beautiful girl+ 2 hot brother's= TROUBLE

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nikki_s By nikki_s Updated Jul 25, 2010

One beautiful girl+ 2 hot brother's = TROUBLE

Chapter 1


"Flight 228 heading to Los Angeles is now boarding it's passenger's." A perky, annoying voice said from the intercom. I walked casually up to her and handed her my boarding pass. Her bright red lips turned into a tight, forced smile as she said, "Thank you for flying American Airlines, and I hope you have an amazing flight." I nodded and walked down that long port thing that leads to the plane, dragging my cheetah print luggage behind me. 

I still can't believe this is happening. I mean, you hear about this kind of stuff on the radio or newspaper and you just feel pity for them, and glad that you weren't them. But, I'm actually the one that's on the radio in the newspaper! This is all John's fault! If he didn't leave my mother 10 years ago then she wouldn't have had a mental break down! She wouldn't have started using those stupid drugs! She wouldn't have had to become a prostitute to ma...

WhovianForever114 WhovianForever114 Jun 25, 2017
Pounding at those keys like he's gonna pound at you later tonight
Shadow873 Shadow873 Feb 12
Lower case g in god please since it is not the Christian god.
Shy_Introvert_ Shy_Introvert_ Jul 25, 2016
That is not a long fight, I'm visiting family now and I had a 
                              5 and 1/2 hour flight then
                              12 and 1/2 hour flight then
                              3 hour flight
nikki_s nikki_s Jul 25, 2010
Hahahaha thanks! :D
                              I LOVE Vampire Diaries! Damon is just soo hot!! Love him! hahah
                              But it's not going to be like Vampire Diaries, don't worry. 
CarolinaV CarolinaV Jul 24, 2010
Hah, great! :-)
                              Seems a bit like the Vampire Diaries, but keep writing! :)