I'm Arranged Marriage To My Enemy? (BTS V Fanfic)

I'm Arranged Marriage To My Enemy? (BTS V Fanfic)

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Kim Jeon By BangtanKimJeon Updated Apr 21

Romantic Comedy.

But it still depends on you if you find it funny. XD

If not, then just romance. XD

Not a movie but I suggest that it'll be better with food cause anything's better when you have food beside you. XD

                              Thinking everything I read is real...
                              "Really? He likes me???"
                              A few minutes later...
                              "Oh..I thought this was real...FANFIC..."🙁
                              "B-but I thought it was real!"
Im 16 and i already have a boyfriend i mean second boyfriend
jae_euni jae_euni Aug 27
After I found out jimin likes me too:
                              "No no don't just waste your money on things like wedding even if you wipe your butt with gold paper"
bts_dafuq_ bts_dafuq_ Jun 07
My mother ship me with a plane to Korea becouse she wants to get rid off me😣😣😣😣
Vkook like really are you even serious my ultimate bias tho😭😭😭😭😭
I want to have a brother like him, my brother is a pobo😂😂😐😄