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t. By luhhtash Updated Aug 23, 2016

"You're so young. How could you possibly know what you really like?" she asked me. I turned my lip up at her.

"I know you can't tell me what I like because you don't know what I feel when I'm around her." 

*Lesbian story.
*Explicit content.
*Inappropriate language.

-LostKvng -LostKvng Jun 25, 2016
Where I come from ythey don't even know what it means.  Only The church folks ✋have a problem with lesbians or bi girls, but everyone else just dislike gay men
CookieCakee- CookieCakee- Mar 30, 2016
I remember this girl called me a dyke.... I beat her ass😂😂
At my school they say that word like it's cute and it makes me mad bc im pretty sure if a white person called them nigga they would make a big deal but don't see no wrong in calling a lesbian a "dyke" like hoe if u dont jump off a bridge
-LostKvng -LostKvng Jun 25, 2016
My mom would be cool about it, but she would be a bitch and call me a hypocrite.  Let's just stay no stud is allowed at my house when I'm there 😐
CookieCakee- CookieCakee- Mar 30, 2016
I tried to be straight. ..... that didn't work out 💀💀💀.
fineaf fineaf May 18, 2015
ayy shawty yo stories are hella good keep up the good work. it might lead u somewhere