The Stølen Girl

The Stølen Girl

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Emi By WickedPromises Completed

Keith Chambers gets everything he wants, without question. So when he longs for a friend, it comes as no surprise to him that he gets just that - only in the form of a human pet. 

Meredith is struggling to survive. Her Master beats her, the maids humiliate her, and she has no one she can trust. She used to think she had Keith, but even he grew bored of her. Toys can get passed down. And maybe she'll find an owner that loves her.

#15 in Horror

Prequel to The Skeleton Boy; You do not have to read The Skeleton Boy to understand and enjoy.

- - Jun 26, 2016
I can already tell that this is going to be good!
                              btw do you like twenty one pilots?
BMTH-is-my-world BMTH-is-my-world Jul 05, 2016
If I was a guy getting a girl at 10 would mean I'm hot😂
creativemindforever1 creativemindforever1 Mar 26, 2016
That is nothing a seven year old would say, that line would be someone older
Antonella_Filipas Antonella_Filipas Mar 22, 2016
That's soo creepy to think about :/  
                              Great story btw I like it already,keep up the good work,can't wait to read more :)
SelinaAndreaNicola SelinaAndreaNicola Sep 16, 2016
I can't believe they treated a child like a slave
                               like what the hell
Angelina56mm Angelina56mm Oct 24, 2016
Hey say what you wanna say but i would love to have parents like these