Against The Odds (On Hold)

Against The Odds (On Hold)

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N.O By Cupcake2027 Updated Apr 27, 2016

"Life has many ways of testing a person's will. Either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once" ~Paulo Coelho.  

Adrianna Hudson has a pretty awesome life. She's popular, adored by all. She's loaded, money's no issue. She's smart, the teachers love her and the list goes on, including everything, from a perfect best friend to a popular boyfriend.     

She lives with her dad, a secret undercover intelligence officer, who works with the government to solve cases to catch the people that may threaten the society. But for the people around, he's just a normal manager in a publishing company.    

Adrianna has some secrets she hides from the school and everyone, one of them being her father's actual profession, of course. And second, that she knows how to fight. Her dad being her trainer, she regularly trains and can take down pretty much anyone.  Beside these facts, she leads a pretty normal life...   

That is until her father doesn't return from one mission. The same mission that took the life of her mother.  Now Adrianna finds herself looking for answers that might complicate the questions. And the only one who can help her is the person she misses the most, her former best friend and her first crush, now known as the bad boy of her school: Zachary Williams.

Throw in Matt Damun, her another close friend who will add salt, pepper and sugar throughout and will make it impossible not to enjoy what she is in for. 

  Together they embark on a journey that knows no definite end. A journey that will make her question her own questions and jumble her paths faster than she can even blink.    

Will she be able to find the answers she was looking for or will she be the next target of the enemy who was the cause of the mysterious disappearances of her parents?    

Let's follow Adrianna on a life changing summer as she stands up together with and for the people she loves. But what chance do they stand Against The Odds?...

Cover by: -infinities

- - Mar 29, 2016
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hyacinthlau hyacinthlau Apr 21, 2016
Damn I already have a feeling this is going to be an awesome book!
Miss_Avengers Miss_Avengers Apr 30, 2016
i read this only after i read the first 20 chapters of this book. dont now why:)
AlZa___ AlZa___ Jan 18, 2016
OMG I just took a look at cast and their images and i must say..!.. XD
fiercechick234 fiercechick234 Dec 28, 2015
Love your story :) pls check out my story one more in the crowd
alexis1651 alexis1651 Nov 25, 2015
cant wait to start reading it i love ur other one but have not read kidnapped i think that what it was