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Eva Pesch is an instrument for the Council. Eva is fierce and deadly and believes love makes you weak. Eva is a chameleon and good at what she does and perfect to do the bidding of the Council. She is called by many names her official title is The Infiltrator, but to her victims she is known as Heartless. Her job is simple, assume an identity and investigate situations the council deems as a threat. Her new assignment is to uncover the secrets that are hidden in the Raven Pack under the leadership of Colin and Celeste Wright. However this assignment isn't as easy as it seems.

This is a spinoff of The Darkness and you do not need to read The Darkness to enjoy this story. However I do suggest reading The Darkness first, just so you can fall in love with Colin  and Celeste. Enjoy!!

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InternetCheese InternetCheese Jun 13, 2015
Sorry, I tried to ignore it but the cover looks a little bit like a man's 'no no area'
Nikkime5150 Nikkime5150 Dec 29, 2014
yeeeesss of course I read it as I'll read this one too. amazing
frasermagoo frasermagoo Dec 28, 2014
story sounds good cannot wait for it to begin and the trailer was awesome