In Love with a Vampire《A BTS Jungkook Fanfic》

In Love with a Vampire《A BTS Jungkook Fanfic》

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Sofia Pentsiou By 2_3_BangtanImagines Completed

~Jungkook's POV~

I was rushing through the woods and climbed on several trees. Goddamn I am hungry. I haven't eat like for 1 day straight. So I decided to go hunting. I was looking for a person or an animal to suck up their deliciousness. I was climbing on one tree as I saw then a girl. She had very long hair and her delicious milky skin just made my sharp teeth go wild. Omg I just want to suck up her blood.

~Ha Eun's POV~

I hate my family. I would always been slapped when I wanted to go out. So I sneaked out my window. Good thing my room is not high up. I decided to go for a walk in the woods. I know it's dark but I'm not afraid. I heard rustling in the trees. I looked up and I saw someone jumping from tree to tree like a monkey. He was tall and had very dark hair. I couldn't see his face though. I sighed and continued walking. Suddenly I saw someone jumping from the trees into the bushes. I ignored it and continued walking. Something is really strange. The rustling in the bushes c...

                              dem teeth doe 
                              no offense hahahahha
Dafuq they met just met less than I've eat and she likes him? Dafuqqqqq
AmayaAsura AmayaAsura Aug 22
No. This ain't no goddamn Disney movie! Deny that bitch! But still love him bc daaaamn
                              this is going too quick wtaf 
                              its a vampire and u just met him...and now u like him???
Of course it's strange what kind of person jumps from tree to tree then a bush
Jikookjams Jikookjams Jul 09
Wish boys did this to me boys will make excuses to walk away from me n this gurl ffs 😂😂