His Wet Desire (New Adult)

His Wet Desire (New Adult)

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Fr0zen_In_Wonderland By Fr0zen_In_Wonderland Completed


Dante doesn't just f**k for love, he rides women with anger, hatred, sorrow, excitement and all the feelings that come across him. 

His father: the king of Greece is slowly dying leaving Dante as king. 

It seems his prostitutes weren't enough for his desire, he wanted to fill his pain and sorrow but sex seemed to be the same. One night, he hears a melodic sound, following it, he lead to a enchanting and bewitching lady who he is mesmerised by, first just f*****g her for his desire, then loving her. But she was just an ordinary slave of the palace, from a poorer economy, the king could never associate with her. But in Dante's case he did. 

Will he follow his traditions or will he follow his desire?

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  • adult
  • assertiveness
  • experimentation
  • fantasy
  • naughty
  • pleasure
j123y789g j123y789g Jan 14, 2017
I just loved the cover, it's really intruiging and eye-catching.
_maryshih _maryshih Jun 16, 2015
Can I say that the title looks like "his desire wet" not "his wet desire." People usually read left to right not in zigzags