EXO Suho Little Sister

EXO Suho Little Sister

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dkiffah By dkiffah Updated Sep 23, 2015

Kim Heyne is the younger sister of EXO Suho. They are very close and she was hurt when Suho had to go to SM. She missed him but all she can do now is to support his group. 

Then one day, Suho came home telling Heyne that she is going to stay with them. Of course she accepted it because she missed her brother but there are times when she regretted it. 

What's will happen to Heyne if people know that she stays with Exo? Then read it to find out!

JanelleLu_m JanelleLu_m Apr 26
How I wish it was true~😭😭 but look, Tao also left.. That made it more painful😢
*playing Dont go*...When the moment U left me my tears fall fall,and I cry cry
xxgotfishxx xxgotfishxx Apr 26
That's meh~ c:
                              I tend to sleep with one arm under the pillow~
Tao also left..... Kris left..... Luhan left...... waaaaaaahhhh!!! Exo is not complete but I'm gonna believe in you! BELLIVE IT OR DATTEBANE!
Guys it is true sort of . The lawsuit came to a settlement, LUHAN and kris will be in SM till 2022 and they need to give a percentage of there money to SM till then but only off the earnings for the things they do in Korea and Japan. However in China, they are free to do what they want.
I do that all the times and also the watching-show-online-while-pretending-to-sleep-at-night