Mr. Bad Boy's Kitten

Mr. Bad Boy's Kitten

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Dayna Beagle By DaynaBeagle Updated Apr 30, 2016

"Don't fight it, Kitten." He said, leaning over me as my back hit the wall. His face leaned down as his lips hovered over mine, close to contact. 

"Fight what?" I let out breathlessly. He gave me his cocky smirk and looked into my eyes with his blackened ones.

"Your feelings for me. The good girl always falls for the bad boy." He licked his lips and I swore he touched mine. 

"Well not me, so you're chasing the wrong girl." I replied cockily, he pulled back, leaving me hot and bothered, and headed to the door before turning to me.

"Oh, but I love a chase, Kitten."

// // // //

Meet Lilian White, 18, British, pretty and hard-working and moving to North Carolina.
Now meet Zachary Waters, 19, American, drop dead gorgeous and the notorious bad boy.

When Lillian's parents go away for 3 months, Lillian's basic, straightforward life is taken over by romance, flirting, bad boys, alcohol and less clothing when Zachary comes along.

All because she's...
Mr. Bad Boy's Kitten.

The Cover was made by @decemberluke

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megan_charlotte megan_charlotte Jun 17, 2017
*snicker* perv but you can just tell that he would see her. obvi.
summer810 summer810 Jul 14, 2017
*note the sarcasm* Omg a front porch wait... I don't think I've seen a house without a front porch😂
Xploding_Unicorn Xploding_Unicorn Jul 29, 2017
He might've seen her, and been looking at his mirror staring back at her with his back to her. Lol, that would be hilarious, awkward and embarrassing😂😂
Xploding_Unicorn Xploding_Unicorn Jul 30, 2017
I think Lillian caught the flu, her face has lost all its colour.
FeelinTheDehaanLove FeelinTheDehaanLove Mar 28, 2016
Oh lord I am in love with this cast list 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍