The Horse shifter

The Horse shifter

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April Moon is just a normal teenage girl. Her family lives at a ranch and she has always liked horses.  One day her horse gets into an accident. Something strange happens and April becomes something not human. Like their souls mixed together as one. She becomes the horse shifter. 

Xavier is the alpha of the Silvernight pack. He's looking everywhere for his mate, but what he didn't expect was to find her at a horseranch.

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dragontiamer dragontiamer Feb 27, 2016
Made me cry, I love my horse so so much u don't know what would happen if I lost her
LunarTrash LunarTrash Mar 17, 2016
                              *says whilst crying a ocean*
define_happiness define_happiness Jun 16, 2016
The fck. Her leg is just broken, sure she can't race, but if you actually loved her you would keep her and call a vet. Not let her die.
MichelleFong4422 MichelleFong4422 May 16, 2016
I don't get it. A broken leg shouldn't kill a horse right?....
horansbish horansbish May 20, 2016
Horses have fur ? I thought it was hair , or is it just the tail 😂😂
AirPokemon AirPokemon Sep 21, 2016
This practically happened to me with a horse I called Cherry Bomb. ;-; Oh the memories...