I'll Marry The Crybaby... (BoyxBoy/MPreg)

I'll Marry The Crybaby... (BoyxBoy/MPreg)

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♫♥♫♥♫♥♫ By yaoiChibi Completed

Trevor Markine is undoubtedly a man who knows his way around the rules.

At the young age of 32, Trevor is hailed as the youngest officer to ever assume the Military Chief Commander's position and is secretly hailed as the first ever Blood Phoenix member to assume such a high government position. Sly as a fox, deceitful, and full of shit, Trevor is the very definition of a man a person should never bring home to their parents. At the call of his Boss, Trevor shows up ready and raring to go to prove his loyalty to his mother group.

His mission: Assist in retrieving the three Robrinso infants safely in the shortest span of time.

Trevor accepts and begins his preparation for the mission; however, no one can ever really be prepared for anything. And at the sight of the only carrier Trevor has ever loved, time stops and memories of Ashley Robrinso's warm orange-hued irises flood his psyche, invading senses he had believed were dulled from lack of use.

With three kidnapped babies, the Blood Phoenix empire threatening to fall apart, and a betrayed lover who demands answers from questions Trevor wants to forget, the young Chief Commander starts to believe that fucking with the rules isn't going to pull his ass out of this one.

Because in Hell, there are no such things as rules.

  • angst
  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • drama
  • explosion
  • gaylove
  • gore
  • guns
  • kidnapping
  • lies
  • mafia
  • manxman
  • marriage
  • mpreg
  • murder
  • newidentity
  • policeman
  • romance
  • slash
  • violence
bajenursee06 bajenursee06 May 18, 2017
I truthfully say that this series is the best i have read. You are ab amazing writer and in my estimation carry high standards. If i criticise which i have not found anything to do so, it would be constructive never destructive
anupriyabond anupriyabond Mar 28, 2017
Honestly speaking, this series is the best i have read so far on wattpad. i like stories with mafia, but no luck with the stories. brilliant and spell binding. i cant leave them in the middle.
nampangaja nampangaja Apr 22, 2017
*raise the glass* cheer,love the attitude .. keep up the good work !!!
EvilJumpingMonkeys EvilJumpingMonkeys Jul 29, 2016
As long as a main character or the babies aren't killed I don't care who dies 💁💁💁
Caramel-luver-lol Caramel-luver-lol Feb 25, 2016
Ya know... I didn't read this part thoroughly.... I'm half way through with this book and I just realized this was a series book... The last one at that.. Sooo yah... Guess who's gonna go cry! :)
brigittiuw brigittiuw Feb 11, 2016
Sorry I was read your 2 series before and never comment. Really liked this series made my blood boiled because tyler and chelsea. Really waiting for save kidnapped kids from tyler