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Evoke; By Midika Updated Feb 23

Mates had to start somewhere. 

There had to have been those two people that didn't know why they were paired together. What that spark was. What that lust was. 

Well that is me, Vixen. One of the last females left on earth. 

And the Alpha that rules over us all. The one I am trying to kill. 

But how could I kill the one man I am supposed to be with forever. 

I can't...


*mature content warning*

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I'm reading this because Alpha Jasper isn't finished and I'm waiting for an update...*hint hint * and i can't and won't read the others in the series till it's finished! *sigh* why do i have to read things in order.....?!?!
                              Also love your books girl!!😍
Low-key clicked on this cuz one of my main OCs name is Vixen and I know she's nothing like your Vixen but I thought it was funny how they have the same name
Oh my god, I just realized this book is from my favorite author
When I saw the pic I thought that it was a hot Cheeto. ☺😊😀
renxuyu renxuyu Jun 03
kay i am already excited for this good book it sounds so interesting
randxmgirl randxmgirl Mar 13
My names barry allen and I am the fastest man aliveeee ☺😆