Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)

Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)

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~Hello NerdNation!! 
This story is for all the Mori lovers ;)

You are a student transferring from Lobelia Academy to Ouran High School Academy. You are very tall for your age. One day, your friend wants to go to the Host Club, but is too embarrassed to go alone. So you go with her. You find a very tall man who you find mysteriously attractive. One day, you go back to the Host Club to find out who the tall, attractive man from the other day, only to find him standing behind you.

(Finished editing!!)

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I'm the youngest and stand at a solid 5'10 currently and I'm still growing...
sssnek sssnek Apr 06
Dude I'm praying that I can be tall but knowing me that'll never happen
Y'know I thought that your body was supposed to stop growing once you reach those heights but..uhmm
Jiaruizz Jiaruizz May 29
Lolll i am 13 and 5'7. I feel short compared to the other people here lmao
I'm the second youngest in class yet I'm taller than some of my older classmates. Like one of the is born on January and I'm born on December!
Well I am youngest (14) in the family and second tallest at 5'9" and I'm a girl so... Tall af