Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)

Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)

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Angel ~♡ By NerdyTomboy Completed

~Hello NerdNation!! 
This story is for all the Mori lovers ;)

You are a student transferring from Lobelia Academy to Ouran High School Academy. You are very tall for your age. One day, your friend wants to go to the Host Club, but is too embarrassed to go alone. So you go with her. You find a very tall man who you find mysteriously attractive. One day, you go back to the Host Club to find out who the tall, attractive man from the other day, only to find him standing behind you.

(Finished editing!!)

mewmew224 mewmew224 Nov 19, 2016
This book is a real confidence booster because I'm 13 and I'm not even 5.1 yet. So thanks for the confidence boost! :)
You know me sooooooo well excel I am shortish and I am 12 :P
EmoTigerLovesYou EmoTigerLovesYou Nov 19, 2016
I'm tall for my age too, in 5'10'' and 16. But it's okay because tall people give the best hugs ♥
0TrAsHy0 0TrAsHy0 Feb 01
Imma finally live a dream I've always had.... BEING TALL :D 
                              Also getting mori to love me but 
                              BEING TALL :DDDDD
BruhItzMarissa BruhItzMarissa Dec 04, 2016
                              Mori-LOOKS LIKE AN ADULT BUT IS A TEENAGER
                              Honey(almost put Hiney XD)-LOOKS LIKE A KID BUT IS A TEENAGER
                              What they have in common-THEY ARE BOTH COUSINS?!?!
razzie4881 razzie4881 Oct 26, 2016
Everyone is like yay tomboy but there's me singing the zuka club version of lobelia