Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)

Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)

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~Hello NerdNation!! 
This story is for all the Mori lovers ;)

You are a student transferring from Lobelia Academy to Ouran High School Academy. You are very tall for your age. One day, your friend wants to go to the Host Club, but is too embarrassed to go alone. So you go with her. You find a very tall man who you find mysteriously attractive. One day, you go back to the Host Club to find out who the tall, attractive man from the other day, only to find him standing behind you.

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kaiwi1 kaiwi1 Jul 21
*throws a salt packet at him* stop being salty and moisturize your hands
I'm 14 and I'm like 5'5" or something. But I am taller than most of my friends
madp1per madp1per Jul 10
I regret to inform you but the female uniform is a yellow banana peel
KyraSparks8 KyraSparks8 Jun 25
I'm literally as tall as Levi Ackerman which was my life goal😂😂 (he's 5'3)
Yep sounds like me. I would just ware a boy uniform but my mom would force me to ware a skirt
I highly dought it but it would be funny if someone had "Levi" in there name.....poor angry midget baby.