Give Me Love (Magcon S. S.)

Give Me Love (Magcon S. S.)

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Abt Magcon 之 By honey_dont Updated Sep 11, 2016

Camryn is just a girl from a small town that comes from a family having money issues. 

One day they stumble into trouble when they borrow money to buy a house but can't pay the person who lent it to them back.

With all other possibilities gone, Her mother decides to sell her daughter as a sex slave to 9 heavenly boys.

Camryn found out love is an over used verb that isn't ever used correctly after taking many twists and turns with the boys.

(Im only including the following as Magcon boys)

Cameron Dallas
Matthew Espinosa
Jack Johnson 
Jack Gilinsky 
Nash Grier
Taylor Caniff 
Hayes Grier
Shawn Mendes
Aaron Carpenter

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                              JAHAHAHAHAAH THE FUNNIEST JOKE I EVER HEARD!!!!!
                              YOU TAYLOR CANIFF TO BE A VIRGIN??????
                              YA LYIN!!!!!!!
Omg Wildlife !!!!!!! I literally kept doing the rap even tho it wasn't all there lol
So mee like 2 years ago. I thought I was gonna die when the flight attendant bell thingy went off I had a mini panic attack but all she said was fasten ur seat belts Plz
When i rode a plane for the first time in years i thought the plane was gunna crash
Farmgirl_89 Farmgirl_89 Nov 28