My ex best friend.

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Shelby By shelbyhegglund Updated 4 years ago
Jen also none as Blaze has hated Jake Rider for the last six years. They were once best friends and now are enemies. Jake knows every button to push when it come to Jen. He plays tricks on her constantly and is detemind not to stop.  So what happens to there ex friendship when they share a hot kiss in front of the whole school and hear howling at night.
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that in the description you might wanna change the word "none" to "known" in the first sentence, and capitalize your title, :)
Good start to the story but the time line is off. In chapter one you said she hadn't been in six years and in this chapter, she hadn't been in three.
Please updated as soon as u can I can't wait this is one of favorite books
When they were in the locker room and Blaze was thinking about hurting him he said 'you don't want to do that'. Lol such a mystery how he new that! I think your first story is doing really great so far :)
wow great chapter please upload again soon cant wait to see what happens next keep up the good work