Adopted by Cameron Dallas || SLOW UPDATES

Adopted by Cameron Dallas || SLOW UPDATES

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Hannah By fightmeirwin94 Updated Dec 05, 2016

Rosalina Marie Owens is a five year old orphan from California. When she was only four, her parents were killed right in front of her, and she hasn't said a word since. 

When Cameron Dallas gets into a bit of trouble, his manager makes him adopt a child to prove his responsibility. After finding out about Rosalina's story, Cameron decides she is the child he is meant to adopt. 

Can Cameron get Rosalina to trust him and finally get her to talk? What happens when Rosalina sees her parents murderer for the first time since the incident? 

But what happens when Cameron discovers the murderer is closer to him than he thinks?

Find out only in, "Adopted by Cameron Dallas."

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stiles_is_bae13 stiles_is_bae13 Mar 08, 2016
Wat does the other book u said u did wat does the picture look like
gec129 gec129 Mar 01, 2016
I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I was just wondering when you will be updating next because I really like this book. You have a really good way with words.
fightmeirwin94 fightmeirwin94 Mar 01, 2016
@gec129 thank you! and no that's not rude at all! I will try and post at least once a week. I write a lot of stuff, and I have at least 1 or 2 articles to write for the school newspaper every week, so I will try to update as often as I can!
springholland springholland Jan 11, 2017
He was on his phone whilst driving. Yes he is definitely able to look after a kid *note the sarcasm*
gec129 gec129 Mar 01, 2016
Thanks. I'm not like expecting you to update like every day or anything.
benitos_muffin98 benitos_muffin98 Mar 01, 2016
Hope you update soon this is really good with a little to no errors like some I'm reading and it's just so awesome and can you try and get a pic of rosa(sorry I can't spell her name right now)