Tainted Perfection (BoyxBoy) (COMPLETED)

Tainted Perfection (BoyxBoy) (COMPLETED)

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Rick G.H. By WhiteCoconut23 Completed

*Previously titled "The Boy Who Loved Him"

*A fabulation of The Rent Boys Novel by Chennelle*


Todd is described by his family and friends as stiff, timid, someone who doesn't take chances. He would rather lose himself in a good book than in the arms of a hot chick or a night out with friends. When Todd realizes he is in a rut, he decides to finally step outside his comfort zone. The opportunity soon shows itself with an invite to a club from his best friends. 

Just when he thinks his night has become a huge flop, he meets a hot, sexy stranger. The only problem? The stranger is a sexy GUY named Tony...and as far as Todd has ever known, he is straight...and Tony is a Rent-Boy...oh, and did I mention that Tony practically molests him in the street? Okay, maybe there are a few problems... 

Follow Todd as he stumbles along in a journey of self-discovery dragging Tony along with him for the ride. See him transform into the opposite of everything he thought he was, right before your eyes. Hold on folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

I like my glasses too! Hehehe but only when their needed 😉😉😉
Wtf who says that to their kids, especially when they're leaving the country. I get they want him to get out more but I'd personally be worried that something would happen while I was away
PrinceDel PrinceDel May 15
oooh, buuurn *hands her an ice pack* you're gonna need this 😏
PrinceDel PrinceDel May 15
This chapter was sooo good!! a little long, but entertaining enough to not bore readers ☺️👍
DebyBarnes DebyBarnes Jun 09
Yeah thats sounds like me 
                              My mom always telling me to get out of the house and go talk to people...
                              I hate people... except children and old people....
...just no. Why can't people be happy with Todd the way he is, who cares if he reads a lot. He could be doing much worse things