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He Raped Me Because of...Mate

He Raped Me Because of...Mate

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SecretBookworm14 By SecretBookworm14 Updated Apr 13

He pulls back up his pants then before walking away like he didn't just violate me in the worst way possible. Break me until I was unfixable. I was nothing. Worthless.

He stops mid step turning back to me. "Nothing personal Adara, you just don't mess with someones mate ya know? And then think you can get away with it, you understand right?"
Understand? Understand what? I understood nothing. What did he mean? What was a mate? I didn't know! I didn't deserve this! Did I? Did I do this to myself? 

My head begins to fog, throbbing with every beat of my heart, face hot, a stream of hot blood pooling between my legs onto the floor. 

He was merciless to my once untouched body. The amount of blood I felt made me think I might be bleeding to death. The smell of iron thick in the air. My ragged breathing quickening, and my vision blurring.
Do I want to die? My consciences questions itself but it sounds weak, uncaring.
Yes. I wanted to just die.

dark_butterfly07 dark_butterfly07 Jun 23, 2016
My thoughts: Impressive :) I can't wait to read the next chapters. Good job so far.
Death_is_my_shadow Death_is_my_shadow May 30, 2016
Book's good so far and i like that you start with the problem or conflict with her first.
caradecol caradecol Aug 13, 2016
Plus, you should be botherwd cause he ditched you not because he's kissing some girl
sweetiepies-2 sweetiepies-2 Aug 09, 2016
                              "No,okay" *goes back to my corner and eats all the pizza*