He Raped Me Because of...Mate

He Raped Me Because of...Mate

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Delila T. By SecretBookworm14 Updated 4 days ago

He pulls back up his pants then before walking away like he didn't just violate me in the worst way possible. Break me until I was unfixable. I was nothing. Worthless.

He stops mid step turning back to me. "Nothing personal Adara, you just don't mess with someones mate ya know? And then think you can get away with it, you understand right?"
Understand? Understand what? I understood nothing. What did he mean? What was a mate? I didn't know! I didn't deserve this! Did I? Did I do this to myself? 

My head begins to fog, throbbing with every beat of my heart, face hot, a stream of hot blood pooling between my legs onto the floor. 

He was merciless to my once untouched body. The amount of blood I felt made me think I might be bleeding to death. The smell of iron thick in the air. My ragged breathing quickening, and my vision blurring.
Do I want to die? My consciences questions itself but it sounds weak, uncaring.
Yes. I wanted to just die.

I love how the first thing she thinks of is the persons height
Personally I think that giving a back story earlier in the book, like the relationship between Black and Adara, is better. Dragging everybody along is not very fun. This is just my opinion though. No hate this is a great book and I'm definitely going to keep reading until the end.
Details! I need details!! Who is Black? How does she know him? This dramatic suspense is killing me 😵
Hey, she can wear those jeans again and they'll be considered trendy
Female body builders. Have you seen the size of some of those girls? I mean, they are large.
marleee_ marleee_ Jun 26
Ummm no one has that much blood their first time unless someone decided to use a hot poker on them...