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Lara By ShadieTree Completed


Max Caldwell is a hopeless romantic. Despite being rejected by the love of his life and having his heart broken multiple times, he is still searching for the one. 

But he didn't expect his soulmate to be Liam Slater: a lonely, depressed, drug-addicted, high school drop out. 

Max finds himself in sticky situations when he does almost everything in his power to "fix" Liam. 

Common sense takes a back seat and addiction takes control.

UnKoWnDeMoN UnKoWnDeMoN Nov 27
Oh Maxie stop.
                              I can just feel the cringe and the second hand embarrasment.
Y'all are so disrespectful. There is a such thing as "Corruption of a minor". People put 18+ warnings so that they are not charged with a felony of the third degree. Please respect her story and her record.
*laughs maniacally*
                              I AM A REBEL BRUH
                              JK IM SOFT
                              BUT MAYBE THE MAIN CHARACTER HAS A SOFT ______
I can do what I want.When i want.Like i want.How i want. xD nah
I'm rereading and I just wanna say that this story makes my dick hurt