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Lara By ShadieTree Completed


Max Caldwell is a hopeless romantic. Despite being rejected by the love of his life and having his heart broken multiple times, he is still searching for the one. 

But he didn't expect his soulmate to be Liam Slater: a lonely, depressed, drug-addicted, high school drop out. 

Max finds himself in sticky situations when he does almost everything in his power to "fix" Liam. 

Common sense takes a back seat and addiction takes control.

cover made by @seeraenthen

lalalalaaah lalalalaaah 8 hours ago
I had to pinch my nose and look away from my phone for a while as the tears gathered in my eyes... I can't with him
After reading all the warnings i was like 'yup this is my kinda book'
neo-chann neo-chann 3 days ago
can i like... injure him slightly? only minor injuries, like..
                              47 stabs to the artery?
Boii, every story on wattpad is rated r what u warning us about?
That kind of stuff is triggering for me, but I'm gonna read anyway
pizzaislife2468 pizzaislife2468 Dec 27, 2016
Well than I might forget things because I read the Kissing Booth like a few months ago