What about love? (Stalia)

What about love? (Stalia)

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Stalia Forever By -2MUCH4U- Updated Mar 23, 2017

The book is not so good at the begning. It gets better, i promise. 

He looks at me. "I'm not going to leave you."

"Malia calm down. Look at me" He takes my head up. "Okay? Look into my eyes or just focus on the sound of my voice. Come on Malia" He said. I stared into his pretty brown eyes and i tried to calm down. It was working. I was calming me down by, just looking at his pretty brown eyes and listining to his voice.

I was myself agian. Human me. It's was because of Stiles, he helped me.

When he said those words "I'm not going to leave you", I got a feeling in me. I have never had that feelings before. It's was like, it was just me and him in the world! Nobody else. OMG....I think I'm in love with Stiles!

It's probably some grammar fail, sorry for that.

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chiomakelechi14 chiomakelechi14 Mar 23, 2016
Please continue!!! This is so great. 😭😭😭 is there an update?
whatwillitbe whatwillitbe Jul 19, 2015
Make sure you edit your chapters because there are a few mistakes but this is amazing!!
ChrysiT ChrysiT Mar 25, 2015
It's amazing.. If you can, make please your next chapters longer..♡