Zainourry/Harry centric

Zainourry/Harry centric

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Sydney By liams_directioner15 Updated May 01, 2017

Time won't always make things better
You can't fake a smile forever
Are you really doing alright?

Harry 1/5 of a word wide boyband one direction. However all anyone ever saw was the fake him. Not even his own boyfriends noticed him at times. One day on Twitter 4 out of the 5 boys were happy because the hate finally stopped, what the boys did not notice was the hate was now directed to harry. So what happens when harry can not talk to the boys about it anymore. He starts to turn to a razor blade as his only source of comfort. 

But soon the boys find out and instead of everything going down, the 4 boys finally see that their youngest boyfriend is slowly killing himself.. 


"Watching the person you love in so much pain in heartbreaking" 

Just knowing that he did not think that he could talk to us his only boyfriends killed me.. 

The next thing I heard was a loud BEEP.... 

He was dying...

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Why do u write Harrys name in this h. So like the small letters 'cause names, citys and stuff like that are things that you're supposed to write in this big letters. So not harry but Harry
eckiieee eckiieee Jul 20, 2017
I get what you mean, but you just said that you do not not own them what means that you do. Not a hater just wanted to note you on it 😅😅