Crush Imagines

Crush Imagines

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alldayfangirl By alldayfangirl Updated Apr 09, 2015

I know there's a whole bunch of crush imagines on here, some of them don't really fit my storyline or grammar needs, and I've always been too lazy to make my own. 

I'm going to give it a try, I'll take requests and try my best. 

Some of these will be from my own requests and stuff, but the usual Y/C and stuff you get the idea.

Insanity_isnt_dead Insanity_isnt_dead Oct 11, 2016
My friends...
                              They'd probabaly get their backpacks, hold it in front of their pants and thrust while screaming "WHOOO, GIRL, GET SOME.”
YuzukiYokuma YuzukiYokuma Jul 11, 2016
Omg this is cute! But whenever i put myself into the scene i blush so bad ;A;
Syd143143 Syd143143 Jun 03, 2016
My crush rides my bus and sometimes he even sits behind me. Its funny though cause when he does he plays with my hair its weird but I like it.
Creepy how me and my crush do have the same gym time, and that my best friend isn't in my gym period.... 0_o
frnkieandthepatience frnkieandthepatience Sep 07, 2015
Idk y but whenever there is a time skip I always burst out laughing
dan-the-echidna dan-the-echidna Aug 03, 2015
dude dont even feel bad my crush is a senior and im a sophomore