The Pharaoh Stole My Panties (Wattys2016)

The Pharaoh Stole My Panties (Wattys2016)

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Krista Warcop By KM_Warcop Updated Sep 04

She's never had the brightest of ideas concerning safety and that's probably the reason why Leah Cummings had more broken bones in a year than anyone in a lifetime.

She knew that her curiosity and disregard for her own safety was going to get her in landed in boiling water, or in her case, the scorching rays under the Egyptian sun.

She was told not to touch the damned stone pendant at the museum, did she listen? No, of course not. What does she do? She touches the stone, getting pulled into the ancient world.

kuturunu kuturunu Feb 04
This is the most ridicolous title i have ever seen on wattpad...i am still laughing....
loveliness- loveliness- Mar 24
I feel like this is the bad boy stole my bra but like gone wrong
-Bamon -Bamon Mar 08
I had seen this on my recommendations and the title has gotten me so interested
IVelez1 IVelez1 Dec 12, 2015
They say curiosity killed the cat, well I think the theory is now law! Jijiji
blueivyviolet blueivyviolet Dec 30, 2014
cant wait to read more of this...please don't keep us hanging!!!!:D