Yugi x Reader (LEMONS)

Yugi x Reader (LEMONS)

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LemonQueen18 By LemonQueen18 Updated Apr 14, 2015

Hello there!

If you haven't read my other story's then this is how my rules go. This is only for you and Yugi, meaning that there is no threesome. Oh, and you can request a place where you and Yugi will.... you know and I'll do my best to do it as quick as possible, well I guess that'll be all for now.

Bye, for now!

King-of-Heroes King-of-Heroes May 09, 2017
Roses are Red 
                              My soul is prickly
                              Can't I just say...
                              That escalated quickly
For_The_Gay_Fanfics For_The_Gay_Fanfics Oct 10, 2017
My Christian school did not change me I'm surprised I even read this-
flareblue flareblue Mar 27, 2017
I'm sorry I just had an intrusive thought of Dipper from Gravity Falls playing a tuba because of this last line
stridercest413 stridercest413 Mar 22, 2017
I was reading this and my lil brothers show came on and sang "I like to eat eat eat apple
                              And bananas " and I laughed so hard
TG_Ken_Kaneki_ TG_Ken_Kaneki_ Mar 16, 2017
How much u bet his grandpa is lying in the other room fully away listening to all this
LittleWingedKuriboh LittleWingedKuriboh Jun 18, 2017
Whispering sweet things into my ear?.... "Shhh... It's alright... I'm not doing this because I lust you, I love you dearly..."