Yugi x Reader (LEMONS)

Yugi x Reader (LEMONS)

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LemonQueen18 By LemonQueen18 Updated Apr 14, 2015

Hello there!

If you haven't read my other story's then this is how my rules go. This is only for you and Yugi, meaning that there is no threesome. Oh, and you can request a place where you and Yugi will.... you know and I'll do my best to do it as quick as possible, well I guess that'll be all for now.

Bye, for now!

rocket-love rocket-love Aug 28, 2016
did anyone know that the voice actor (Dan green) VA'd a hentai
KariChoiska KariChoiska Feb 03, 2016
Yugi Hi Caroline!
                              Me: hi Yugi 
                              Yugi: what ars you reading
                              Me: n-nothing *hide phone*
                              Yugi: *find Phone and reading*
                              Yugi and me: *blush*
                              me: Yami will kill me 
                              Yugi: yea
                              me: *clear history*
AnimeGmr101 AnimeGmr101 Mar 29, 2016
Awwww!! I hoped he'd stay innocent.....WHO CORRUPTED HIS MIND?! WASN'T YOU YAMI!?
jailborn jailborn Feb 14, 2016
                              im still wondering if its the cute af yugi
                              the sexy af yugi...
KidnappedSenpai KidnappedSenpai Feb 28, 2016
XD am I the only one imagining a neko Uke version of Yugi doing this?
PurpleStache PurpleStache Aug 06, 2016
Did anyone think of what his grandpa would be thinking at that moment when he heard his grand son doing it with a friend?