Dirty Band Imagines

Dirty Band Imagines

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Sleepingwithemos By sleepingwithemos Updated Nov 10, 2016

Hi guys,
It's grace here. If you want to request and imagine (Dirty or not) message me or Bailey or comment.
We do these bands
*Pierce The Veil
*Sleeping With Sirens
*Black Veil Brides
*Bring Me The Horizon
*All Time Low
*5 Seconds Of Summer
*Falling In Reverse
*Blood On The Dance Floor
*Of Mice And Men
And more.

I will do boy/boy
As well as boy/girl and girl/girl
And many more

Information we need
*Your Name
*hair color
*band member
*eye color
*And what you want your imagine to be about. Some imagines are from the internet. Make sure to vote and comment😁😁

Well that's all guys.

Grace & Bailey

bananamail bananamail Apr 15, 2017
Name: Hannah Smith 
                              Age: 22
                              Hair: Black to Red ombre
                              Band members: almost all
                              Storyline: met backstage as a meet and greet
OtayxCaroline OtayxCaroline Jun 11, 2017
                              14 (sake of it I'm 16)
                              Caramel/darker blonde
                              Jack Avery from Why Don't We
                              Green and Blue with a gold ring
                              I don't really care something dirty. 😂😂
-Fucked_Up- -Fucked_Up- Jun 09, 2016
                              Blue with black
                              DAHVIE VANITY
                              Light green
                              Hm... We meet at a concert.. He takes me backstage... Then we go in a closet... Then come out with messy hair and weirdly put on clothes... Jayy stares at us smirking... Will that do?
Scorpion6805 Scorpion6805 Apr 11, 2016
                              Hair Color:Black
                              Band Member:Kellin Quinn
                              Eye Color:Dark Brown(mainly look like black)
                              I would like my imagine to be something like emos can do whatever they want
MadisonJohnson946 MadisonJohnson946 Jul 26, 2016
Idk if you're still doing these but..
                              Age 17
                              Hair color:red
                              Andy biersack 
                              Eyes: green with specks of a goldish color 
                              Detailed, starts out sweet but then gets super dirty. And long if that's ok
Spark665 Spark665 Jun 21, 2016
                              Ronnie Radgie
                              Emerald green
                              They meet at a tour and they sing a few songs together. We go back stage and start teasing each other pretty severally before things become....heated