Daunting Fires (Completed)

Daunting Fires (Completed)

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Xedalia Trammers was born in Erudite, where her personality (apparently) does not match up. Her decision to live as her true character causes her to live a true life; to lose people, to gain friends, to question the factions, to struggle. To love who she shouldn't, maybe someone too daunting for her.

Hope you enjoy!! And if you do, please give it a star. Thanks ;))

Warning: Some inappropriate language.

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Read Dauntless Fire by infinite2442 it's REALLY GOOD! I promise this is not click bait because it is really good. I don't know her either so if she wants to reply... 👌👌
just got started but it's so well written I already know this book is gonna be good 😏✌
Who else is thinking of Shake it up and getting sad remembering that it was cancelled