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Maria By tvpacshakvr Updated Jun 20, 2015

Royal Lynn Galore is exactly what her name is; Royal. Living an abnormal life has brought Royal to her wits ends. Both of her parents are in politics and works for the government leaving her no room to be a normal teenager. After begging her parents to start her junior year in a real school, they finally give in. All Royal wants to do is be a regular teenager, but she’s unaware of all the crazy things she can run into.

Having to deal with living with her estranged mother, her brother’s life in college, and
trying to maintain a great education, puts Royal to the test. One thing she
does have going for herself is her beauty, which catches more then a few guy’s
attention. One of which she has falling head over heels for but doesn’t know about
his relationship, that comes and bits Royal where it hurts.

Drama is the only thing teenagers get into in High School and Royal is most definitely
about to be shell-shocked at all the new problems she’s about to endure.

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_Queen646 _Queen646 Jun 05
Part Of College Is Partying😭. Educations The Most Important But Partying Is A Big Part Also
goddess_ken goddess_ken Jul 08
I'm just gon picture her as zendaya since zendaya ' signature tomboy outfit is a shirt n leggings with a plaid shirt around her waist. I run out fingers counting how many times  she wore that outfit on K.C undercovet
-virgoszn -virgoszn Jun 09
I don't believe anyone that says they actually liked that book 😂
llenyarr llenyarr Jul 20
My mom would have killed me and planned my funeral for the next day
goddess_ken goddess_ken Jul 08
Club going up on SUNDAY I rather go up on a Sunday
                                               The Cece Show
badanna48 badanna48 May 10
Why r y'all getting so butt hurt like she is talking about she is basing her story off her experience and at her school tht is most likely how it is she isn't saying black kids aren't smart enough to take the classes she just saying from what she sees a lot of ppl don't