How to catch a Foxy (Fnaf ~ Foxy x reader)

How to catch a Foxy (Fnaf ~ Foxy x reader)

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Reader x Foxy the Pirate Fox!

(y/n) was a silent girl before she met Foxy when she was young. One day she moved away from the restaurant, away from her only friend at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and thus taking away Foxy's only friend. Years later she keeps her promise she made with him by becoming a security guard! What's going to happen with their relationship? Will it grow? Will it die? Will the others accept them being together?!


(Warning: If you all are interested, read my final update and final A/N!)

- - Jul 16, 2017
WHY DOES FOXY HAVE TO BE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! His accent makes my heart melt!
RedFlare5 RedFlare5 Dec 04, 2017
Dies from weirdness*uhh I'm a ghost t-thats s-shy I'm different btw the reader~chan died that's who iammm
TurdNugget_Dragneel TurdNugget_Dragneel Aug 15, 2017
Name: Kayumi Sota
                              Hair length and color: Long Golden blonde (w/bangs)
                              Eye color: Sunset orange
Freddy_FanGrul Freddy_FanGrul Oct 03, 2017
name: clarissa bell
                              hair: long (and i mean past my but long) caramel hair w/ natural blonde highlights
                              eyes: one saphire blue eye, one emerald green eye
                              yes. yes i am aware i am ugly af
Foxy:oh come in here I’m only going to me you pregnant 
                              Me:ohhhhhhhhh heeeeeeeeeell nooooooooooo
Animallover1034 Animallover1034 May 30, 2016
That was me when I was 7. My hair was freakin' long. Still is