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Touch her, you die!

Touch her, you die!

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Gumbella By Gumbella Updated Jun 04, 2016

Sunny Wilde has always been a nerd and always been bullied for it. She doesn't have any friends except her brother but Sunny tries to keep her head held high. What happens when she moves towns and attends a new school? What's will she do when she meets Daniel Andrews?

I have one older brother and he goes to college man he is a sweetheart to me but will beat up anyone if they make my face turn sour even the slightest bit
iceyy__ iceyy__ Oct 13, 2016
My twin brother and 2 older ones got kick out on my school because they beat up a group of boys that had been bullying me and my best friend😂my twin is now crushing on my best friend so I'm third wheeling it nowww.
_AvaJackson_ _AvaJackson_ Mar 31, 2016
Reminds me of my brothers; they'll even punch a dude for just looking at me! 😂😂😂
Mpatel9090 Mpatel9090 Aug 04, 2016
I have 7 brothers and they let a guy go out with me but if he breaks my heart they snap him but me and my brothers watch out for my bestie, Mayra, she is so sweet and innocent and hates, hates, HATES violence that's why we protect her from the sick butt heads they call 8th grade boys
Princessa_Luna Princessa_Luna Apr 24, 2016
Y'all are saying you want a brother like that well I have two who wants one they are to much
Star0532 Star0532 Apr 18, 2016
Omg, I love night gowns! My friends always tease me about it but they're actually really comfortable and warm😊