Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia]

Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia]

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notgrayfullbuster By GrayFullbuster591 Updated Jul 29

Cover by @jeonsmiles

Gray Fullbuster, hailed as the Ice-Prince at school had long stopped trusting people after being abandoned long ago by his parents. 

Vowing to close off his heart, a quirky blue-haired girl is soon forced to becomes his friend. Her name is Juvia Lockser, but is that all there is to her?

Read on as I unveil the mysterious characters of Gray and Juvia. 

Written in first-person.

What if they lost you cuz you moved from where they told you to stay!
- - Feb 29, 2016
@sweetblasphemies @ExistentialOtaku  @Knotsu 
                              If Juvia is here....she will hunt u down XX
fromfantasy fromfantasy Feb 14, 2016
never trust anything that has to do with ice cream that isn't in the freezer
We love you grayyyy❤️❤️❤️
                              JUVIA THE MOST THOUGH❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆😭
levi_hanji levi_hanji Apr 21, 2016
I love you gray.. (in this one but the other fanfics that ive seen with you is pretty messed up so for now let's see if i wanna kill you in this one)
92PRINCE 92PRINCE Jul 20, 2016
damn son first chapter and this hit me so hard BTW OMG I LOVE UR WRITING SO MUCH