Nine Lives

Nine Lives

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Lilly Grant By LillianGrant Updated May 13, 2016

"I could feel the cold surrounding me, a chill crawling up my spine. I could feel it in my bones, like a frozen breath flowing through my body. It was the dead of winter and the thin material of my jacket did nothing to ward off the arctic winds gusting through the night. It was dark, my eyes unable to discern anything in the inky blackness. A feeling of unease clawed at me, the hairs at the back of my neck raising. Someone or something was watching me.

My neck snapped to the side on instinct, and that's when I saw it. Two glowing orbs sat up high, glaring directly at me. Eyes, they were eyes, glowing green eyes. The eyes moved, coming closer, coming into the light of the moon. A figure emerged, the body lean and dangerous, razor sharp claws protruded from silken black paws, it's back raised as if ready to pounce . It was a cat, but as my luck would have it, a black cat."

Katerina Levou lived alone, in desolation and silence. Accidents follow her everywhere, along with death and misery. Never staying in one place long enough to do damage, she remained friendless and isolated. 

Abruptly, everything changes when a black cat crosses her path. The cat seemed immune to all her accidents and anguish, leaving her to believe she might have a lifelong companion in the making, but there is something dangerous, something sinister about this particular cat. There's something strange about the way it watches her with those eerie, almost human eyes, something bizarre about his mannerisms and nature, something completely abnormal about the destruction that follows him.

Nathaniel Everly was a dangerous spell caster, black magic pumping through his veins, a darkness deep inside his heart. He cast spells to cause destruction, to destroy his enemies, to exact his revenge, until an ancient curse backfires and he finds himself trapped in another body.

The Blood Moon Chronicles Book One

Paranormal Romance

  • blood
  • body
  • cat
  • dark
  • darkmagic
  • death
  • hope
  • kiss
  • light
  • lightmagic
  • magic
  • pain
  • revenge
  • romance
  • sacrafice
  • spells
  • witchcraft
xXReaperOfSoulsXx xXReaperOfSoulsXx Feb 18, 2017
Like being crazy when the victim was murdered? And being the murderer?
callista_z callista_z Dec 16, 2015
Again, so mysterious and intriguing! And all those descriptions!
callista_z callista_z Dec 16, 2015
Its the first chapter and im intrigued! Ure so good at writing those mysterious fantasty stories!
skumaskot skumaskot Jun 28, 2015
\0.0/ o yay! we have the black cat superstition here :3 again, I love the concept of this story. It's totally intriguing and I love how you write. You must continue something ;-; your prologues are awesome.