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Fighting Chance

Fighting Chance

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I'll Answer When it Matters By like_dope Updated Dec 28, 2014

Previously titled (The Shy Girl's A STREET FIGHTER)
  Sam Winters is the quiet, well-known girl at school. It isn't a cliché school, nor is it completely boring. She attends Lake Genevieve High just like any student there, but she hurts far worse. Her mother died when Sam was twelve, leaving her broken and with a distant father. To the public eye, they are the perfect family. Her dad, a hot-shot lawyer, and her little siblings, all poor, little babies who have a doting father and absent mother, are the most well-liked family in their society. Keeping up this image became too much to bear, and Sam had no choice but let out her feelings somehow. At the age of fourteen, she picked up her first pair of boxing gloves. Since then, she's been the undefeated champion of the Underground fighting rings, where her name is whispered; her reputation known. 
  Cue the entrance of the "bad boy." No, he isn't really one. But the people of Lake Genevieve need some source of entertainment. So they hype him up. The brother of Andy, the Golden Boy, is named Alex. On the outside, he's a sweet guy with a bubbly personality and the looks to go with it. On the inside, however, is a boy who is hurting far more than he should be. 
  Put Sam and Alex together, and you have a formidable pair of stubborn people, who buttheads at any chance they get. Sam is closed-off and doesn't trust, while Alex is determined to learn everything about her. 
  Read on to see what happens (:

Please update soon this book is amazing I can't wait till next chapter
hbrooks02 hbrooks02 Oct 15, 2016
I am like that too... i am in the middle of writing 3 books and then forget to do it for a long time then start back up again while starting a new book...
                              i am terribly disorganized
ZayumPUma ZayumPUma Nov 13, 2016
When you can relate to this so much and no longer feel alone 🌙👌🏼✨💕
CatCycles CatCycles May 09, 2016
When your pale enough to nearly glow in the dark #ithinkimmalightsource
Blazing_Fire3 Blazing_Fire3 Jun 14, 2016
Make up bothers me. It makes me feel like I have to wash me face over and over again because there's dirt on it.
mybaelavellnylon mybaelavellnylon May 21, 2015
Ok i work like that sometimes too out happens to the best off US