The Road to Heaven

The Road to Heaven

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Leona By EternalxxPhantasm Updated Sep 18, 2010

Dreaming. I knew that's what it was, but I didn't want to let go. The memory...her face. More so that it happened after she passed. 

I was falling down a pit of darkness. The fingers of vertigo gripped me all over until I fell straight down with a ponderous boom. Fog engulfed me and the ones that were around me blew away like ripples at my fall. I was in the middle of a road, but I couldn't tell where it was leading. It wasn't because of the cloud-like fog that swam knee deep everywhere; but the road was literally endless. People appeared. Slowly...and all came in identical pairs. 

Must go to the Store, my mind urged me. A small roof of an edifice popped up from the ground. Its lights were among the brightest all around. The Store!

I walked towards it, knowing that I had to buy something. What was it?

I was just a few feet before the door when an old woman passed by. She was familiar to me, but that face of happiness, of no worry was foreign. Grandmother!

"Nanay!" (That was my nam...